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OhGeniaBabeđź’‹ is the dynamic host behind “Let’s Talk About It”. She has an extensive history of hosting showcases, organizing and promoting events, holds a background in modeling, & also has experience working as a personal trainer & health coach. Her current pursuits include acting and PR work.
Genia is currently a social media influencer, and her musical judgment is highly respected by many artists, both on the independent and mainstream circuit alike. Her social following is crucial to the SIHHRADIO brand, with a large and constantly growing audience on Instagram and SnapChat.

Listen to Genia & Swaggy- Let’s Talk About It
Wednesday- 7PM EST to 8PM EST
Saturday- 6PM EST to 7PM EST

Swaggy is now a new host for SIHHRADIO and is currently the most Popular Sneaker Dealer In NYC. Also, he’s the plug to some of the biggest artists in the industry.

DJ QuietStorm
DJ QuietStorm@dj.quietstorm_
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The Long Island, NY native is the music behind SIHHRADIO, and has graced the Pacific Northwest with his DJ skills since the early 2000’s. He was named one of Washington’s best DJs, and worked alongside some of Seattle’s biggest promoters that premiere local & commercial DJ talent. He’s a certified music engineer, and savvy in the realm of electronics repair. Also, he’s a mix video DJ, and part of Fleet DJs, the second biggest DJ crew in the world.

DJ Shadow
DJ Shadow@iamdjshadow_nyc
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DJ Money Magic
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