SIHH RADIO Artists Partnership Program

S.I.H.H. Radio is an internet radio station that runs LIVE shows and has 24 hours of commercial free Hip-Hop and R&B music. We are broadcasting all over the world, but we cover artists with royalties in (3) Three Different Countries: United Kingdom, Canada, & United States.

Artists Partnership program (July 2022)



S.I.H.H RADIO Is An Internet Radio Station That Runs LIVE Shows and has 24 Hours Of Commercial Free Hip-Hop and R&B Music. We Are Broadcasting All Over The World, But We Cover Artists With Royalties In (3) Three Different Countries:

Artists Program Description

The Goal For The Artists Program Is To Give Independent Artists Another Way To Get More Exposure For Their Music. This Program Allows Artists To Boost Their Music Awareness, By Getting Their Music In Heavy Rotation. Also, This Program Guarantees That The DJs Play Your Music, And You’re Also Included In The Mixshows. This Program Is Designed To Create More Fans, Which Can Turn Fans Into Customers.


New Artists Are Everywhere And We Know It’s Hard For Them To Get Their Music Heard, So The Focus Of The S.I.H.H. RADIO Artists Partnership Program Is To Give New Artists The Ability To Get Real Exposure On Their Music. That’s Why SIHHRADIO Created This Program To Help Artists Get Pushed To The ForeFront.

This Program Is Designed To Encourage Artists To Get Their Music In A Repeated/Heavy Rotation So Listeners Have No Choice But To Hear Their Music.This Option May Work Depending On Your Music. Sometimes Listeners OverlookMusic And The Repeated Play Will Make The Audience Grow To Love Your Song or Songs.

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We Are Dedicated To Make Dreams Come True.

Music That Is Played On The Radio

• All Music Must Be Mixed And Mastered

• All Music Must Have A Clean Version

• All Music Must Be Correctly Tagged With The Artist Name, Album Name, Song Name, and Album Artwork. (Registered or Not Registered)

• All Artists Must Be Registered To A Publishing Company To Receive Royalties. Artists With UnPublished Music Will Not Receive Royalties.

***The Scout & Recruitment Team Are People That Find Artists That Want Their Music Played On Our Station.

• If Discovered By The Scout & Recruitment Team, Artists Must Tell Us WhoThey Were Referred By.

• When Artists Upload More Than One Song, They Must Split Those Songs With The Amount Of Spins Or Months That Are In Their Program.

• When Your Song Is Played By A DJ, They’re Only Required To Play One Verse And A Hook (That Is Considered A Song Played). If Your Song Is Played And A DJ Isn’t Present, Your Song Will Be Played In Its Entirety.

• In The Artists’ Program, The Artists Might Want More MixShows Added Toward Their Campaign. They Can Receive More MixShows, But At A Discount Price. Instead Of Thirty ($30) Dollars, Artists Will Save Ten ($10) Dollars And Pay Twenty ($20) Dollars For Additional MixShows. This Will Only Happen If You Have No More Mixshows In Your Campaign.

• Artists Partnership Program – All MixShows Are Included With Your Music Rotation Campaigns.

Listen To Us Here 24 Hours A Day!!
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We Are Dedicated To Make Dreams Come True.

Any Questions Email Us:

Example: IG @Blendmasta - Followers 230, FaceBook 5000, Twitter 3000

How Did You Hear About Us/Who Referred You To Us? (*)

Note: Please include the name of the person and their Instagram profile who referred you to our station. Their Instagram name should be on the flyer.

Is This Song/Songs Registered? (*)

Do You Own The Copyrights To This Song? (*)

Is This Song A Freestyle? (*)

Tell Us Your Style Of Play (Trap, East Coast, West Coast, etc.) (*)

(Bio Is Optional)

Please Send to us Via WeTransfer-Send to:

Please Send to us Via WeTransfer-Send to:
(Music Must Be Clean & Professionally Mixed And Mastered)

I have read & agreed to the Terms & Conditions (*)


Artists Program