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Strong Island Hip-Hop Radio, better known as SIHHRADIO, started in 2007 under the co-founder Craig Herring. In 2012 Craig partnered up with Barry Robbins, and with the passing of Craig in 2016, Barry is now the CEO of SIHHRADIO. Now in 2018, SIHHRADIO has rapport with artists that are independent and established (celebrity) within the hip-hop community. So now, SIHHRADIO has created a website that focuses towards combining both types of artists into one world.

Proudly, SIHHRADIO has a show on 103.9 FM that already has a listening audience of over 500 Thousand. “Strong Island Hip-Hop Radio” has gained popularity because of our interviews with established artists (celebrity status artists) and very in demand independent artists.

SIHHRADIO is dedicated to allow people to grow. Whether it’s working with SIHHRADIO, or putting your work on their network, growth will be the end result.

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Video Of The Week :

Manolo Rose - "I Get Money"

“I Get Money” is Manolo Rose’s latest video and song. The Brooklyn based rapper channels classic 90’s movies and 70’s soul with “I Get Money”, paying homage to films such as New Jack City, King of New York, and Paid In Full. The song samples the O’Jays classic “For The Love Of Money”, but has a twist of today’s sound. Manolo scores with this one. Now on all Social Media Platforms.

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